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08-Feb-2017 05:51

The free Word platform that supports self-hosted websites has been downloaded 46 million times up till July of 2013, which approximates to 100 downloads every day since 2003.You might not have downloaded Word Press and uploaded it to your FTP manager yourself, but when you installed it using Fantastico or the much loved 1-Click, it was counted as a download.There might only be 229 employees, but those 229 sure are kept on their toes. In addition to that, the Word source code is updated 60-80 times per day, pushed out many times throughout the day.These changes are synced with the Word platform daily.

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While the actual number isn’t half so mind-boggling as the others you’ve just read, it is no less significant.If English isn’t your first language and you would rather have Croatian, Dutch, Estonian, French or Finnish (see full list of Word Press translations) governing your dashboard, you’re in luck.