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The Solomon Islands, a nation made up of hundreds of islands and with a population of about 640,000, lies about 1,000 miles northeast of Australia.The study raises questions about the role of government in relocation planning, said a Solomon Islands official.The submerged islands were part of the Solomon Islands, an archipelago that over the last two decades has seen annual sea levels rise as much as 10 millimeters (.4 inch), according to research published in the May issue of the online journal Environmental Research Letters.The missing islands, ranging in size from 1 (2.5 acres) to 5 hectares (12.4 acres) were not inhabited by humans.Several Nuatambu islanders moved to a neighboring, higher volcanic island, the study said.

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The scientists used aerial and satellite images dating back to 1947 of 33 islands as well as traditional knowledge and radiocarbon dating of trees for their findings.“Glaciers are already out of balance with their surroundings and will continue to melt,” he says.

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