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19-Jun-2017 23:52

He may say he’s thinking about getting married someday when he’s not. And the last thing you need to know about how men think is this: Men may crave sex but they do not fall in love through sex.

If you think giving up the boots is the way to his heart, you are dead wrong.

"You know how many times I hear women say: 'I don't need a man. If you're projecting it, where does a man fit in there? We're stupid." If you're hoping for a courtesy call, Steve says you can forget about that too. Listen, it's not in our DNA as great communicators anyway," he says. If you don't think it's important to your man, Steve says you're wrong. "It's one of the three things that a man has to have. [If] anyone of those three things is missing in the relationship, he's going to go get it somewhere else." If a man is cheating or has the intention to cheat, why pursue commitment with one woman? Let the baggage go." Sadly, many women have dated men who cheat..most of them don't even know it.

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Steve Harvey dispenses a lot of fabulous information about men. Yinka and Lynell are two 30-something friends who have long lists. Even if they aren't interested, don't they want closure? "Ladies, you're not going to get closure from a man," he says. The male mind may be a mystery to women, but Steve says there's a simple explanation for this behavior. If he's going to cheat, it has nothing to do with his emotional attachment to you or his feelings for you." Steve says cheaters make promises to their significant others because they know that's what women want to hear. The top 5 reasons: • They can • They think they can get away with it • The man hasn't become who he wants and needs to be or found who he truly wants to be with.

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