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14-Jul-2017 01:15

Sony's Photo Music, an in-camera slide show program, lets users show off their photos either on the camera's 2.5-inch screen or, with an optional video connector, on an HDTV.

The slide shows can use a variety of transition effects, and users can upload their own soundtracks to the camera.

The government’s new plans will force users to enter credit card information to validate their age.

If a website fails to comply with the Digital Economy Act, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could filter it to make it inaccessible.

Of course, that may not sound unreasonable at first.

Currently many pornographic websites include checkboxes that require users to acknowledge that they are 18 or older. There isn’t currently a way to police underage users or prevent them from viewing the content without parental control software.

However, there is dissent among adults about whether or not governmental identity checks are the best solution.Pornographic content and advertising is ubiquitous across the internet.