Adult vepcam feeds

31-Dec-2016 04:22

2016 - 2017 Season marked the second season Harriet and her new mate M15 mated as a pair.The season started with much anticipation if the eagles would return as the nest had been completely lost after the end of the last season.Here’s another, one that was just broadcast live for all to see: Cats can be devoured — [The cat people vs.bird people war has made it to federal court] In this particular case, by what seems to be a very hard-core eagle couple that resides in eastern Pittsburgh, and whose domestic life is streamed live on a web cam.Clear as day, there it was: a small, limp, brown-and-white cat.In a You Tube video of the incident, everyone looked a little puzzled for a minute, then one of the adults dragged the feline to the other side of the nest.Having said that, when you see a baby seagull, you can't help but think it's cute, right?As spring approaches, those of us who own properties around the town may find ourselves with seagulls nesting on our roofs.

The eagles do not see any light and remain undisturbed.

I say "some" because I know that there are people out there who go to great lengths to stop this from happening.