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31-Jan-2017 05:05

If you are new to m IRC, you can find a guide to getting started here.The guide introduces you to the basics of m IRC and IRC, including how to connect an IRC network, join a channel and send your first message.This experience changed and ultimately cemented my perspective on how Internet technology was going to impact the way the people around the world learned about each other and the world.I knew that I wanted to be a part of using communications technologies to build better dialogue and understanding with the world.I began chatting with people in Tel Aviv for updates on how things were on the ground.And so it was that I found myself on a rainy winter morning in Seattle on IRC chat with a group of students in Tel Aviv getting first-hand accounts of their feelings, their description of the sounds, and the sobering reality of what it felt like to have scud bombs land in one's city.Saddam Hussein had recently invaded Kuwait and the crisis began to escalate.

IRC networks are created, owned, and run by thousands of independent individuals and organizations around the world and there are many hundreds, if not thousands, of such networks.

If you have already installed m IRC, you can also connect to a network by clicking on chat links, like those listed below. The number of IRC networks is changing all the time, as networks are constantly being created and destroyed.