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"We weren't lazy, but we just didn't have that desire."When recalling Blancas, it is common for peers to note his all-or-nothing style and how often he was hurt.Blancas' 11th surgery, a partial replacement of his right knee, occurred Feb. He recently played his first round of golf since the procedure, and he is pain-free for the first time in years.

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"Homero didn't log a lot of time on the practice tee, but I didn't, either," says Jacky Cupit, 63."When he was off, he never knew how to play to the safe side.But when he was on, he went low."As far back as his high school days, Blancas always had good luck against Marti, but with 18 holes left at Premier he still trailed him by five strokes--which was quite a working margin at Premier.When golfers encounter Tommy, his last name often rustles the recall of his customers. I think he's very proud that it happened, and he knows part of it was luck."But there is the part that wasn't luck, too, and that is the way Blancas let the birdies keep flowing, undamned by limits or expectations golfers usually burden themselves with, the comfort zones sports psychologists now try to shake them out of.

"Nine out of 10 golfers would have put the brakes on when they got to the 60 level," says Beard.For years Blancas' feat was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, but it was purged when the recordkeepers limited their low golf scores to those shot on courses of at least 6,561 yards in length, and at 5,002 yards, the funky, claustrophobic par-70 Premier GC--on which two slightly different sets of tees formulated 18 holes fraught with out of bounds and creeks--didn't qualify.

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