An error has occurred while setup was updating partition information getting over dating a pathological liar

21-Oct-2016 23:33

Because this error is not usually associated with data loss, DO NOT RE-PARTITION THE DRIVE. In my experience, you won't start seeing results until step 5 or so.1.

Run CHKDSK /R /P from the recovery console (it will typically find no error)2.

Once booted into the recovery partition and selecting “Reinstall OS X”, the “Eligibility Verification” window shows up. An unspecified error shows up which states “An Error occurred while preparing the installation.

Try running this application again.” Upon doing so, the same exact error pops up.

run FIXBOOT from recovery console (typically has no result)3.

My recommendation for those that are wary of this wonderful tool is to copy/paste commands or to type them very carefully and to double check what was typed before execution.Optionally, it can push query operations to Hadoop. SQL Server 2016 is setup to access a supported Hadoop Cluster or Azure Blob Storage.