Andrej pejic dating rj king

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Michael Fassbender (he could fass bend me over a sofa anytime) Lindemann Okay, that's enough objectification for now... Z1qicfqlo1_500 Vr1qdem3to1_500 Sgh1qctutmo1_500I love that he has this big, ridiculous moustache and the most beautiful ginger hair on his head—it should run at odds with it, but it doesn't. Today I'm bringing Willy Cartier to this thread because HNNNGH HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO DIE. He's going to be in The Hobbit as Thorin Oakenshield along with my other new favorite Aidan Turner. WAIT WAIT I FORGOT JON HAMM C8Not exactly a boy anymore, but... Vb1qc6tcko1_500 ZU/THVghav DJGI/AAAAAAAAAJw/UX5Nja1JVv8/s1600/ASPk Pants T-shirt-2 straight! S0a GU/Tm E8w Jv Ayc I/AAAAAAAAEmg/oh Qi31W14JA/s1600/HARRY EK151qgdbb0o1_500Harry Lloyd. think I'm developing a thing for NBA rookie (and Spaniard) Ricky Rubio: finished watching Robin Hood on Netflix this week, and now I'm obsessed with Richard Armitage. These days I'd rather watch an unsubtitled Ukranian film with Brian than bone him, but still: see no Tom Hardy. BTW, I have no problem with transsexuals or feminine looking men. oh, and i dreamt of trent and robin the other night...are also both pretty fucking tasty lenny. I've never been the biggest Lenny fan but hot damn! also i have a major crush on the manager of our local journeys store. or can i request this tony.parente for the potential valentine's exchange? A man who is dressed up and made up to look like a woman is not a "hot boy" IMO, even if they're sexah as all get out. We tried that on the old board (in the form of a "Hot People" thread) and it didn't work, sublimaze. That's strange, since I'm pretty sure he's the most beautiful person on the planet... ETSv1qeuzrdo5_500 ETSv1qeuzrdo1_500Kid Cudi Elba Today I decided that Joel Kinnaman is worthy of a post. he's a big guy who always wears tap out shirts and long athletic shorts. And for some hot guys: - 6 - Failure_To_ Hot Boys thread was brought back? The best policy seemed to end up being, last time, if you don't like it, scroll past it. v=j So Y8KLOPr A for miss k bee: N071qb8tv2o1_500Crumbs! couldn't get past the first episode of the US version though his hair in the hobbit was not a good look however yes, Hiddleston... Vbc1rkihuho1_500.png Yy JMg K0Gz0/THCc YPWXu3I/AAAAAAAABbo/AMFri Ny0wcs/s1600/henry-cavill-state-supreme-courthouse-13I've been watching The Tudors And I really like the short beard, like a 5 day shadow.

I've never really gotten the point of criticizing other people's tastes. I really don't want to see people complaining about guys/girls not being feminine/masculine enough and the post being in the wrong thread and asdf It's sexist and that third thread just seems like a lot of potential problems. q=tbn: ANd9Gc Sg Kk ZNj Ak_Bm X-ST2-Uh Fqw Wd T32a41s_XTzg SPjx Axpnd Cr0Yj ASince I just saw Sherlock 2, I think it's time for some Martin Freeman spam. LJq Zsrn JA/TSHOw Hveno I/AAAAAAAADa8/Mtdbr Gj0mi M/s1600/ Neeson Unknown Premiere Dfkh MM00h4 Arts/Theatre/Liam Neeson.jpgjust watched all of the BBC Being human, Mitchell and Tom are the best. Nn81qgm9p2o1_500In this society, if a man is called a woman, that's the biggest insult he could get. Theres a great one where he's on his bike and he's got these goofy looking striped socks on. Is that because women are considered something less? I know people want me to sort of defend myself, to sit here and be like, 'I'm a boy, but I wear makeup sometimes.' But, you know, to me, it doesn't really matter.

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I don't really have that sort of strong gender identity I identify as what I am. Hot boys are hot boys, whether they're hot because they're muscular and have facial hair or because they have soft skin and plump lips. WARNING: This website will make you want to put your hand in your pants. I went soft when the photo of Tom Cruise came up - no, just no. He is in my local gay bar all the time Hola, William Levy! BF1qhatbno1_500_zpse98a0fdf.jpg sure if it's the eyes..that jawline.