Android gmail not updating

28-Jul-2016 21:02

android gmail not updating-46


(Just nod and agree, for our ego.) The latest bug to fall on our radar is affecting users on Android Oreo who have noticed that Gmail keeps running in the background, trying to sync, but failing.

In addition, the Gmail app runs “all the time,” Droidmen continues.

It seems that the woes of everyone suffering from this issue are about to be over.

The corresponding AOSP issue tracker item has been marked as "Future Release," and Googler Orrin stated on the Nexus Help Forums: Hey Everyone, Thanks again for your patience on this while the team investigated the issue.

I’m not sure if these settings were changed intentionally by Google to clean up what the designers considered to be “notification clutter” or if it was just an honest mistake.

Either way, here’s how to fix your Gmail notifications. However, if you leave your phone on a solid surface, like a desk or table, without charging it, your phone will eventually stop polling for new emails. If you’re like me, your phone is huge and too uncomfortable to leave in your pocket while you’re sitting at your desk.Another source, Android Police, agrees: “Gmail keeps running in the background, trying to sync, but failing.” It adds that when they open the app to check their email, "the app shows it's syncing but no mails load." The problem has been reported in social media and on Google product forums.

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