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cast The good news: Delko may be aimlessly wandering the Everglades, but at least he's alive.

That comes as a relief to fans who feared the worst when it was announced that Rodriguez would leave the show this season. "Because of how the season ended, I didn't want to leave it on that note," Rodriguez tells So we discussed making sure that I was participatory in Season 8 so that we could fade the character out the right way and give him a proper exit.

's Christian Clemenson joins the cast as a medical examiner and, according to Procter, Omar Benson Miller's Walter Simmons will force the CSIs to do more science and research instead of relying on databases.

"[The new characters] add a lot of life to what we're doing," Procter says. "He's heard she's single and he has to be headed over for a little of that.

Delko has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Miami, where he played right field for the baseball team (and is a former college classmate of wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin).

He is fluent in Spanish, and at least proficient in Russian Delko often acts as a diver for the CSI team, likely due to his muscular physical shape, and has tried to get Ryan Wolfe to train as a diver on several occasions.

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In the season 8 opener, it was revealed in a flashback that Eric discovered a BMW that was dumped in the Everglades with a body in the rear, and called Detective Caine.

He told her he became suspicious after realizing several key facts in the story of their arrival in the US changing each time she told it.

Also she told him that his biological father was a terrible man, and wanted to shield Eric from him by hiding his identity with the forged papers.

He is a Level 3 CSI, specializing in fingerprint and drug identification.

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Eric is also the team's underwater recovery expert.

" Procter adds when asked if that friendship could turn into romance.