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I was in Kentucky, another red state and I went to a high school where my friend Tom Flannery teaches and I played for some of his students.

We all shared our love of music and they had the wide eyed excitement of high schoolers just starting their own bands.

They spoke of buying cool instruments and writing songs and performing with a passion that I still have and that I recognize in others.

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thank you stevey jo for letting politics infultrate the music when inspiration struck. You shouldn't place my own links at some other blogs and forums! A worthwhile discussion is definitely worth a comment.Relief that this eight year long nightmare is nearly over. I am so proud of the State of Florida (and even my county, Broward) for going BLUE and bringing this amazing change into fruition. i was such a goon that i had tears in my eyes WHILE i was voting!!Steven, as a mom and english teacher I am for the millionth time so proud to be your mother. two kids that i see at lp all of the time were in line in front of me voting for the first time.Even the Immigration officer at Sydney Airport gave me a high five!!!!!!!! We as a country have been suffering FAR TOO LONG with Bush (puke) in office.

I think a big part of everyones reaction was that of relief. Love, ma Npa Awwww, your mom sounds as sweet as my mom does! There is a light at the end of this tunnel and it's beaming and it has Barack Obama at the end! I'm proud to be a Democrat and I'm proud to have Barack Obama as my future President! :) BLUE STATE OF FLORIDA LOVE, Mindy i'm still pinching myself each morning when i wake, it's still true blue!

Kenn mentions public libraries, and it's worth noting that libraries have for many years subsidised the continuing provision of free book borrowing - which in many locales is a legal obligation - by charging fees for a range of peripheral services such as photocopying, video and audio lending, internet access and inter-library loans.