Asp net form not validating

11-Aug-2017 09:30

NET script manager instead of Rad Script Manager and it works perfectly. It seems that with this feature enabled if you just add a scriptmanager to the page (you don't even have to use ajax or update paneles or such... NET scriptmanager) client side validation won't work anymore. is this feature enabled by default in 4.5 as a target framework?! ASP Net 4 5 Validation Controls not working with AJAX Toolkit Script Manager1 Hi, We are aware of this problem.

Checking in the Google js console for alert(Page_Validators.lenght); also returns correctly: 1 So the issue must be somewhere in the Rad Script Manager OR in the Rad Ajax solution I guess. after 1 hour more of narrowing and research i found the problem. It is a general configuration issue between the new unobtrusive ASP. Basically the new validation that is indeed enabled by the default requires a certain script resource mapping to j Query and if it is missing you get the Page_Validators undefined error.

Now click on the "Create" button; it will redirect to the next page as in the following: Note For detailed code please download the zip file attached above.

Summary From all the examples above we see how to validate the form data using Java Script.

This means that somehow I fixed that second bug in my real project but I don't remember how.- I tryed with both CDN enabled and disabled in the Rad Script Manager.- I tryed with both your Jquery and with Google CDN served JQuery (1.9.1) I really don't know where else look at...I copied exactly your example on demo page of Rad Input validation do do further testing but with no results (I even stripped it down a basic 1 textbox 1 validator, I tryed with standard asp textboxes, I searched the web for 4 hours now finding all kind of answers even in this forum, all with no luck).

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Things I can say in advance: - The script resources all loads correctly (checked both in Google Chrome developers console and Firefox Firebug consol.

In other words, it's clear that the validation is done at the client side in the browser level and only validates the data; it will execute the server-side code.