Avi thumbnails not updating vista 64

03-May-2017 00:41

This example includes: changing the text of the textbox control, clicking the button, and loading a picture in the picturebox of the other form.

A simple example of how to convert a Unix time value to a basic Windows time value.

This is a example I made that shows how to get the processors actual rdtsc value in realtime.

It also uses this value to calculate the clockspeed of the processor in realtime too.

This example shows how to use this API call and perform various calculations to return and display the computers total processor usage value.

A brief example to get you started using the cs Movie Library Class. It shows you how to get various stats and information.You can also specify how fast/slow the animation will take place. A simple example of how to automatically change/set properties or manipulate controls without having to write code specifically for each control.This example shows how to Clear all Textbox Controls on the Form and How to Check all Checkbox Controls on the Form without having to write code specifically for each of the controls.IT shows the converted Unix time as UTC and Local based Time.

The example displays the Computers current Timezone as well as the Timezone offset compared to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinate or Coordinated Universal Time) Time.This example is basicly the Mouse Selection and Coordinates example combined. You can now move the mouse in any directions to select the cropping area and the picturebox does not flicker anymore. A example application that highlights the features and options for the cs Audio CD Library v1.3.

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