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08-Aug-2017 18:22

There plenty of websites already doing that more efficiently.

Instead, we asked our writers to explore the spiritual side of videogames.

I played tennis, watched a movie, played golf, watched television, invested in the stock market, raced jet skis, and rode roller coasters.

I did these things because I assumed that their presence in the game meant that they would somehow add to my enjoyment.

In another sense, however, we saw it as a way for the writer to summarize a game’s cultural and personal worth.

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It has been discussed millions of times but as much as it has been made to look like common knowledge, it really isn’t.

Since this form of worship makes porcelain dolls and marble statues in our minds of a stunning beauty, whenever we encounter one many of us react strangely.

Most red-blooded heterosexual men will tell you to stay away from the beautiful women. She cannot be nice, well-mannered and supportive as a beauty.

What do the games we play say about human nature, the world around us and our place in it?

What value do the games they play add to their lives?

A beautiful woman is so deadly that her photograph will bring instant venom from any casually cute woman who sees it.

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