Bind slave zone not updating

13-Feb-2017 02:07

This file also takes care of incrementing the serial value, so you needn't do it each time you edit the file.After editing it run the script by passing the domain name and zone filename as parameters.

bind slave zone not updating-54

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DNSSEC signs all the DNS resource records (A, MX, CNAME etc.) of a zone using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

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Login to your domain registrar's control panel, choose your domain, and select the option to manage DS records. It'll take a few minutes for these changes to be saved.

You do not have to do anything on the slave nameserver as the incremented serial will ensure the zone if transferred and updated.

Zone Walking is a technique used to find all the Resource Records of a zone by querying the NSEC (Next-Secure) record.Or else make sure the user under whom you're placing the cron has write permission on the zone directory and read permission on the private keys (*.private).

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