Bulgaria dating girls

01-Jul-2017 13:19

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If your date is more casual and you are headed for a cup of coffee, show some class and go to a REAL coffee house that serves coffee in porcelain cups. They are social butterflies and will be much more impressed if you spend your time telling funny stories, discussing travels, cuisine, even telling jokes.

They will give you subtle hints that they are into you, and they will expect you to drive the romance.

So beauty and brains are combined in this mountainous seaside resort country, if you doubt me consider someone like Antoaneta Stefanova.

More on Bulgarian girls features Bulgarian girls are mostly Slavic and ancient peoples in origin, so they may share the same features as Polish girls or Russian girls or Ukrainian girls or Czech girls etc.

You can rent a car in Sofia and pick up girls easier.

Or visit the student cafeterias in Sofia to get aquiinted that way.

Every town has a pedestrian boulevard and a lot of young pretty girls in fashionable clothes are window shopping. An example of a ski resort town I might go to to meet girls from Bulgaria is in Borovets, a crisp clean air, mountainous escape.

There is a slew of places from Hotel Rila down to the Ystrabetz Gondola lift like club Pigalle, maybe too sleazy for meeting a nice girl so scratch that off your list, but some people say nice girls are there.

You meet them and flirt like normal, focusing on asking them what they study and take a sincere interest even trying to learn a few phases in Bulgarian.

I recoomend two places: I go for lower price myself.

With lower price you get more student girls on vacation. Polish people tend to stay in 3 or 4 star hotels, Bulgarian and Ukrainian are more frugal.

Bulgarian girls, some of them are not as Alpine or linear as the northern Slavic girls, some have a more mesomorphic body type.

So if you like the ectomorphic girls, I have noted a less tendency for this body type. Some do look like Desi Slava, but I prefer the more plain-looking females. For example, the Majestic hotel at sunny Beach or any resort in Golden Sands.However, Bulgarian girls are also a mix of Turkish because of the proximity to Turkey and the once Ottoman empire. The other 85% is a mix of the Thracians, Southern Slavic and Bulgars from Asia.