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In the film, Bullock played a woman who becomes obsessed with a television cameraman, played by Bradley Cooper, after going on a blind date with him.(2009), based on the true-life story of African-American professional football player Michael Oher.

(2009), however, proved to be a critical and commercial dud.She joined the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre, where she took acting classes, and supported herself with waitressing and bartending work..She used the critical acclaim for her performance to land an agent, but her early acting jobs, which included bit parts in television and B-movies, were unsuccessful and sometimes embarrassing.It is as though the specific When is less relevant than the universality of human thought, feeling, and decision.

An almost mystical quality."The Lake House" is that rare film which not only invites but welcomes a repeat viewing.When Bullock was 12, her family moved back to the Washington, D. area, where she attended Washington-Lee High School.