Catherine bell dating terry serpico

09-Sep-2017 10:55

We Love Soaps: When you were growing up, your father was in the military. Terry Serpico: I lived on about five different Army posts.I was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and lived in Texas, Colorado, Germany, Georgia and Pennsylvania.Terry Serpico: The irony is pretty thick with my dad. [Laughs] He's mellowed considerably since he left the Army.I'm playing the role of a hardass Army officer and that's exactly what my father was. His job was to go around to failing battalions and whip them into shape.

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We Love Soaps: Are your siblings also doing creative projects as well? The beauty of stunt work is that it's supposed to look dangerous and not be dangerous.It would depend on the level of danger within the stunt itself, but I would certainly lobby to do it!Unless it's getting hit by a car, I don't do those.Terry Serpico: I was a tailback and defensive back, safety. If anything, I thought I'd play baseball in college.

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I'd go in at the beginning of the game and come out at the end. We Love Soaps: Where were you living by the time you were in high school?

He was a very black and white man, still is, although there's a little more gray now. We Love Soaps: Growing up as an Army brat, did you ever consider going into the military yourself?