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16-Mar-2017 22:54

Every once in a while, I feel compelled to take a turn down a new street and see where the journey takes me.

My objective is always the same: to explore the road, to take in the world around me, and to enjoy the ride.

Did you hear the true story of the Nagasaki atomic bomb survivors? Hubert Schiffer, SJ and at least four other Jesuits were living in quarters eight blocks away from the epicenter of the bomb. Schiffer lived for at least fifty more years without a trace of radioactive side effects. Schiffer attributes the miracle in his own words as related by Fr. and in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” The alarming Fatima prophecies centered around world wars, the Pope’s assassination and the danger of Russia’s communistic influence.

Current events make for a compelling case of why we still need to listen to and live out Mary’s message in Fatima.When I let go and step out in faith, I find I enjoy the ride much more.It is in the challenge of change that our character is built.Taking a steep hill requires effort and brings pain, but the long-term benefits to my muscles and the experience of the adventure make it worth the challenge. Will I make it up the hill under my own steam or will I be forced to take a side road back to where I was before?

I have found that the more I accept these trials and tests of my stamina, the stronger and more confident I become in the end.

There was great music well-performed, readings, and reports from members of our parish’s Pro-Life Ministry.

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"But like anywhere, if you're going to get drunk, just make sure you and your friends look after each other.… continue reading »

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