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21-Nov-2017 02:28

Building meaningful, engaging and enterprise-grade chatbots is not easy.As a new generation of User Experience, it is best described as an art form.You simply message in with your expenses and it automatically logs it for you. Pegg positions itself as a helping hand to the Small-Medium Businesses that still rely on manual financial processes and allows them to compete against enterprises with fully implemented cloud solutions.

We have partnerships in place with the leading conversational UI and NLP providers, including Google (, IBM Watson and Microsoft, allowing us to choose the right tools and Scaffoldings for your project.We will write the copy for the bot responses and will work with you to layer on your brand personality and tone of voice.All our chatbots come with an online portal that provides you with key metrics and the tooling needed to ensure your chatbot continues to learn and provide value to your audience.Many fail to effectively meet users’ needs due to poor infrastructure and lack of fundamental understanding of AI.

Chat bots are still in their experimental stage and although this may be fine when Taco Bell’s chat bot mistakenly delivers 100 tacos to the wrong address, these mistakes incur far more serious consequences when it comes to peoples money!We will also put together technical documentation for the bot during this phase.