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24-May-2017 18:50

I'm from china and I have been learning English in language school from September.My job is a fashion buyer, therefore, the job of the fashion buyer is to understand the fashion trends of the past,present and future.Most hometown friends her age have already married and started families."Nowadays, a lot of people just want one-night stands.

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Hey, I am Fox from China, who grew up at Shanghai .如果在上海有什么需要帮助的,我很乐意帮助大家。こんにちは 銭と申します。今 日本のかたと 日本語練習したいです。もちろん 困ったときには いつも連絡してください 안녕하세요 fox라고해요 한국에 관심이 많아서 계속 배우고싶어요 만약에 기회가 있으면 한국분랑 연습하고싶어요 감사합니다Hello/Bonjour! I am a native Chinese speaker and I speak fluent English.