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05-Nov-2017 07:32

There is a large cost to maintaining this significant excess capacity, the board was advised.Last year, a large committee made up of representatives from the schools, the board, parents, and community members evaluated building usage, came up with many options, and ultimately recommended closing the Ackerson building which currently houses the central administration, the pre-K program, and rental space.Last Monday at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Manchester Community Schools Board of Education revisited one of last year’s more contentious topics–building consolidation.This time around, the board was presented with fewer options, more research, and the stark reality that in order to prevent a negative fund balance (which would likely lead to a state assigned emergency manager) projected to occur as early as the 2020/2021 school year, either a building goes or staff layoffs will have to happen.All three millage renewal proposals passed in Tuesday's election.Non-Homestead Millage Recreation Millage WISD Special Education Millage Communication is vital in all organizations and ours is no different.With no changes, this leads to a negative fund balance two years later, putting the district at risk of having the state assign an emergency manager which, as Vannatter pointed out, comes from the Treasury Department, not the Department of Education.While the emergency manager may make building consolidation changes or staffing changes, the unstated fear is that Manchester Community Schools would be consolidated with a neighboring district.

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ALL THREE MILLAGE PROPOSALS PASS THANK YOU to our community for your continued support of the education of our children.

Closing Ackerson would mean the loss of rental income from the Community Resource Center and Co-op Preschool who currently rent space from the district in that building, but it would mean minimal change for K-12 students.

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