Consolidating private law school loans

04-Jan-2017 18:54

What Mortgage Score is Needed for a Mobile Home Mortgage? Q: What are JCF's Mobile Home Down Payment Requirements? Consumers wishing to purchase a mobile home as their primary and only residence can still enjoy down payments as low as 5%. How Are Accounts that have been Charged Off viewed? Finally the remaining 10%, truly use cash as an option of choice. We should be clear that a 5% down payment may not be acceptable in all cases. Another 10%, do not have credit due to, recent extending prison terms, the social security number they are using is not their own and most commonly their are illegal aliens, using a purchased social security card. We require a minimum 5% down payment on all purchase transactions. We may consider repossessions as long as the repossession occurred at least four years prior to application. Foreclosures appearing on your credit report are always cause for an automatic decline. As a rule, a recent repossession will be considered as cause for an automatic decline.

Mobile homes 15 years and newer should qualify for the 5% down payment program, but in some cases, an older mobile home will qualify for this program as well. The culprit is normally an ex-spouse, business partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member.