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For example, are you a beginner or an expert in your field?This is an important question when selecting a certification.You don’t have to be a graduate to do any of these certifications.If you’ve got the skills and the talent, you can take on these certifications even when you’re an undergraduate.You learn about best practices, latest technologies, foundation principles and important tools to use.Intermediate and Expert Levels – Designed for those who already have a very good understanding of their job and have valid experiences in their industry.Important Note: Looking for a relevant certification in IT security?

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Also, don’t overlook the Comp TIA Security certification because it is one of the most well known certifications for beginners.

For example, if you happen to be interested in Penetration Testing, you would probably want a certification with GIAC GPEN.

Want to know more about the popular certifications in your industry?

Most certifications will consume as many as 3-9 months to complete and may cost you anywhere from 0 – 0 to sit for the exam.

If you’re really, really serious about getting a certification, then we have good news for you. S Department Of Veterans Affairs has approved reimbursements for select certifications.A successful credential will boost your resume by making it more appealing to HR managers.