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What is unique about this poem is that it reflects a kind of Ecclesiastical despair that the human soul can encounter in such times.While there is strong scriptural precedent for mournful sorrow, frustrated concern, and even languishing anger, very few modern Christian leaders speak on such topics.Kim I received a simple little plaque at a Women's Retreat many years ago, on which the wording reads, "Even from a dark night, songs of beauty can be born." Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey I did not understand why the plaque moved me so until a few years later, when indeed, from my "dark night" (a 24-year struggle with the guilt and shame of abortion) songs of healing began to flow from my mind and heart. But I know I'll have to wait to see your smile and touch your face,at God's throne of Grace. God has promised to restore the years the locusts have destroyed. It's taken 20 yrs for me to get a movie scripted and registered, but it's done. Sometimes it seems like I'm trapped in this decaying flesh, other times I will witness to a lamp-post knowing the light has passed it's way.

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I hunted for a long time after finding out Mary didn't ascend.

Authenticity is not a reveling in the unknowing to the point where confident and seemingly naive expressions of belief are considered suspect (there's an unspoken truth I've heard behind many peer voices that affirm Peter's words - and you will still hear it on occasion in my own).

But I have enough brokenness in my own life, let alone seen in the lives of the world around me, to see that the most important words that can be spoken or sung need not always be cloaked only in unknowing - but rather more dominantly may give the next breath to another by being cloaked in the certainty that love will win - and God will right the world.

The album starts off with an Odetta classic "Sail Away ladies" (without Odetta's howling high notes..) that will make the most sarcastic southern ex-pat nostalgic for the southeast.

The album continues with one of the best renditions of "lavender blue" I have heard, and I have heard plenty, followed by a very true to form Gillian Welch song from 20001's Time, "Dear Someone".

Finally, Peter gives a strong challenge to worship leaders and songwriters of worship music to begin to write music that reflects the reality of the dark night of the soul, as part of a balance of complete liturgy- one that reflects not only the joy and nearness of God, but the pain, struggles and doubts of us, his friends, as we try to draw near to him and deal with our broken world.

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