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While the term disembark is sufficient, I’ve given in and started using the current lingo.

So, when you hear deplane, it just means it’s time to remove yourself from the aircraft. Bulkhead" data-reactid="66"Bulkhead The two sisters sat in the front row of first class when I noticed the small red gift bag at their feet.

Learn More " data-reactid="63"Deplane As a former English teacher, hearing this made-up word is more grating than the call bell ding.

People don’t de-car or de-train, yet we are now deplaning passengers in droves.

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More like this: 19 universal truths you learn as a flight attendant " data-reactid="72"Tagging Just when we hear the landing gear come down and think we’re free for the rest of the day, we may get hit with a tagged flight to another destination. Unfortunately, I was tagged onto a trip to Omaha and then Calgary.

More like this: 19 universal truths you learn as a flight attendant " data-reactid="55"Flip-flop If your flight attendant seems cranky, a flip-flop could be the culprit. The term refers to a flight attendant’s schedule when she flies one red eye arriving in the early-morning hours, has the day on layover to sleep, and then must report for the first flight out the following morning around 5 or 6 a.m. And she will be prepared to go to China or Africa with no prep time.

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