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29-Jul-2016 03:10

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Then they became happy at the prospect of being grandparents and started shopping for baby clothes with her.Early childbearing did not affect Gema’s future aspirations.Last year’s records from health centers in Leon, the country's second largest city, and nearby communities show 32 percent of pregnancies are adolescent.Causes include poverty, rural tradition, and a powerful Roman Catholic Church that works hard to prevent birth control from falling into young people’s hands.

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Its coordinators and mentors do answer any questions about birth control, and redirect many of them to health centers where they can access contraceptives for free. Situations like Clara’s, where girls come from family environments plagued by violence and drug and alcohol abuse, are alarmingly common in Nicaragua.Dating at an early age is an attractive but risky way out.“Nicaraguan society suffers from the ‘Virgin Mary Syndrome,’” says Elmer Zelaya, an epidemiologist in Leon who has studied teen pregnancy.

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This syndrome, he says, idealizes motherhood while demonizing sexuality. Like many young Nicaraguan women, Clara did not know of any contraceptive methods and did not seek information.This term has been used in many different and contradictory ways.