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03-Jul-2016 10:07

You’re going to have to know the stuff that other women only THINK they know.

So I’m going to dish up 5 relationship tips that most women don’t know.

Whatever the reason, a certain level of disrespect and negativity creeps into the relationship.

It could be an eye-roll here, or a sarcastic comment there.

And even if you think you already know this stuff, take a few minutes to review this advice.

Really ask yourself if this is the way you’re approaching your love life.

It’s easy to lose sight and think that weaving your life together with his is the way to get the love relationship you want. That feeling then can turn into a panic that he’s losing his freedom instead of gaining a loving partner. The idea is to actually be a little LESS eager to jump right in and mix your lives together at first.

Unfortunately if this is done , it can scare a man. This gives him room to breathe and the space he needs to not feel like he’s being run over.

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It could be that feeling of disappointment that the sparks and fireworks of new romance have to die out, or it could be that part of us that expects maybe from a relationship.

But the mark of maturity is knowing that these phases are waiting for you in any relationship. The truth is that a guy is deeply influenced by his peer group. You have to realize that a man is driven by two forces in his life: * He wants sex – which is a channel to his love and loyalty, even if that seems superficial to you at first. It’s just a different way to feel the same thing YOU want to feel – to protect himself.