Dating canook dating regula cuckoo clocks

20-Nov-2017 14:10

Each family within the house had a separate room with walls of woven mats, and a fire inside the room.

But there was also a big fire in the middle of the hall that everyone could meet around.

Their houses were wooden longhouses built of cedar planks.

It’s kind of the same way people use braces on teeth today, or pierced ears.They set grass fires or forest fires on purpose to clear out weeds and underbrush.That made more room for animals they hunted and the plants they wanted to gather.By the end of the Middle Archaic period, around 300 BC, the Chinook people had moved into this area and settled down.

In the Late Archaic period after 300 BC, the Chinook lived along the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

So they started fishing more and gathering more of their food.