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01-Apr-2017 21:31

I have recently come back to it and it has become my signature scent.It is a very sophisticated fruity floral, and not in the sweet kind of way (fruit without the sugar, what a nice change).Such a classy and elegant addition to my collection.I think this is so beautiful, and it's extremely long-lasting.In fact, I almost never wear Acqua Di Gioia alone, I just have to spray Eau Tendre on top, which does seem to help it last a little longer for me.And for that reason I wish they would sell it as an EDP as well. So glad I tried a vial before buying this expensive juice. And I already own Daisy and don't love it ps: my neighbor also compared both Daisy and this, said she couldn't tell a difference After falling in love with Chance EDT all over again recently, I wanted to explore all the flankers. This smells exactly like Lanvin Eclat De Fleur and very much like Cool Water Tender Sea Rose by Davidoff. But the question is, whether it's worth paying so much extra if it has a fragrance clone and a lookalike already that are priced considerably less and have a good staying power (especially Lanvin). It sounds more prestigious to say you're wearing Chanel, than Lanvin or Davidoff :)) I would say it'd be worth it if it really was a one of a kind scent.You would have to constantly reapply to make it linger.Lovely spring/summer scent, but way too expensive for how it performs on my skin!

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The citrus I smell is a sweet lemon but it's fresh and clean powdery. Recently smelled a whole bunch of different channels and this 1 was the pick for me. There's a little powderiness to it that I think elevates beyond a summer scent to something I would consider wearing year round. This is my first day wearing this perfume and I am in love!

Chanel is presenting a new flanker of their popular fragrance Chance which arrives on the market on April 2nd 2010.

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