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07-Jul-2017 10:31

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But if schools can’t instil basic discipline, what hope do our children have of ever persuading an employer that they’re worth hiring?

In today’s tough times, having a degree is no guarantee of a job.

A Christian couple who let their baby die of jaundice because they believe that 'God makes no mistakes', will not have their other kids returned to them because they refuse stop physically disciplining them.

Joshua, 36, and Rachel Piland, 30, of Lansing, Michigan, were charged with involuntary manslaughter last month after they ignored advice to seek medical treatment for their newborn daughter Abigail Piland, who died three days later on February 9.

For this reason, it’s become entirely normal to ‘outsource’ technical jobs to India.‘Clearly, he’s a bit special,’ says One Direction singer Harry Styles’s father proudly of his 17-year-old son’s three-month affair with a married woman of 32.

But we’re not in Graduate territory here: the Dustin Hoffman character Anne Bancroft’s Mrs Robinson seduced was a young man of 22.

By contrast Harry Styles, pictured, was just a child.

He still looks like one, and I imagine he still behaves like one, too.

According to the many Royal Bank of Scotland customers who complained after a mistake by workers in India meant they couldn’t access their money, the attitude of staff — particularly from Nat West, which RBS owns — was rude, shambolic, unhelpful and sometimes untruthful.

According to the Department of Education’s survey of 1,700 teachers, most schools prefer to use systems of rewards and praise rather than punish wrong-doers, and more than a quarter of teachers say they don’t shout.

Of course, none of us wants our children to be miserable in the classroom: we want them to succeed, and to emerge, if not exactly garlanded with prizes, then at least with a clutch of respectable exam results and a place at a decent university.

We’d be appalled if this were a story about a teenage girl: it’s just as wrong when it’s a teenage boy. ’ as she prepared to leave Los Angeles for London at the weekend.

Even by British standards, this summer is a challenge, particularly when we’re trying to decide what to wear. In the end, she opted for a caped raincoat, sunglasses, bare legs and ankle boots.

Victoria Beckham tweeted despairingly: ‘What is the weather like? The effect was somewhat odd — Sherlock Holmes meets Little Red Riding Hood.

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