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In this study, we shall give consideration to one of the more perplexing characters — Samson.

Samson occupies an unusual niche in the Old Testament in that his mission is foretold even before his conception.

Given the circumstances of his birth along with the training he received as a boy, one expects the life of this Hebrew leader to shine brilliantly as a thrilling example of fidelity before God.

Instead, the student meets with considerable disappointment.

See Funderburk, 162-163.) The Messenger informed the dear woman that she would conceive a son. Numbers 6), and his role would be to “begin” the deliverance of Israel from the oppressive Philistines, a pagan people who dwelt along the coastal region in SW Canaan (Judges 13:5-6).

As a result of his special dedication to the Lord, young Samson was endowed with incredible strength.

Some movements in Samson’s period of judging are rather easily delineated.

As a result, Samson killed thirty Philistine men (Judges 14). In retaliation, he loosed three hundred foxes (or jackals), with fire brands tied to their tails, among the ripe wheat and in the oliveyards.The barren wife of Manoah, a Hebrew man of Zorah, was mysteriously visited by “the Messenger of Jehovah,” who appeared to her in the form of a man.