Dating dinosaur fossils

18-Nov-2017 07:47

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Thus, we could not claim definitively that they were blood cells.When we published our findings in 1997, we drew our conclusions conservatively, stating that hemoglobin proteins might be preserved and that the most likely source of such proteins was the cells of the dinosaur.In the mid-1990’s she did a couple of chemical tests with the dinosaur bones.

So we did not think it too far-fetched that heme units from hemoglobin might still exist in our T. Also, the responses of immune systems of laboratory mice to injections of powdered dinosaur bones suggested that the bones “contained something similar to the hemoglobin in living animals”[2].

Test-tube studies of organic molecules indicated that proteins should not persist more than a million years or so.” Fuelling the skepticism of her colleagues at that time was the recent debunking of some 1990’s claims of the finding of DNA in dinosaur fossils.

In one case, the DNA was found to have resulted from human contamination, and in the other case the DNA came from living fungi and plants, not a reptile [5]. Rex Bones In 2003, Schweitzer received some chunks of thigh bone (femur), from a recently-excavated fossil skeleton from base of the Hell Creek formation in Montana.

This sounds amazing – – “fresh”, “soft, squishy tissues” and “pliable blood vessels, red blood cells, and proteins”. Here are the topics treated below: 1992: Mary Schweitzer Sees What Looks Like Red Blood Cells 2004: Schweitzer Finds Bits of Soft Tissue in T.

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This verbiage makes the reader think that someone cracked open these dinosaur bones and found raw tissue flopping around inside, dripping with red blood cells. Rex Bones 2006 Onward: Sequencing Proteins from Dinosaur Bones Mechanisms for Ancient Protein Preservation Osteocyte Cells, Traces of DNA, and Iron as a Preservative Assessment of Evidence That Soft Tissue Can Persist for 70 Million Years Invariance of Radioactive Decay Rates The Dinosaur-Bird Connection Mary Schweitzer on Creation Conclusions ************************************************ 1992: Mary Schweitzer Sees What Looks Like Red Blood Cells Key discoveries in this area over the past twenty years have been made by Mary Schweitzer, now a professor of paleontology at North Carolina State University.Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Fossils: Evidence for a Young Earth?

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