Dating donts dos online

26-Oct-2017 15:47

Online dating might look depressingly tough, but it’s really not. Just follow these dos and swerve away from the don’ts, and you’ll never have to hit the bar to drown your loneliness ever again: Do: Have a recent picture of yourself Unless you still look like your gorgeous, toned self from 2007, have a photo that was taken in the past few months as your display picture.

After all, no one wants to see look of disappointment on their date’s face when they turn up and see you for the very first time.

Side note: If you are feeling the first date sweats and are generally anxious, calm yourself with a drink, but stop at two (or when you feel the sudden urge to flirt with the bartender).

Do: Talk on the date Contribute to the conversation like you would contribute to water cooler gossip — remember that a great conversation can help you go a long way, right up to ten-year anniversary pictures on the fridge. Have a drink or two, and end the night early with a polite excuse, and a cheque that’s split two ways.

Don’t: Be mean No one likes to be told that their posture is wrong; their shoes are last season, their big dream won’t work or that they’ve got something stuck between their teeth.

LONDON: Everything in this world has become digital now.

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The group profile picture Not only is this confusing as we have no idea who you are, but it immediately leads us to believe that you are the least attractive person in the photograph. Either bag yourself some beastly friends or play it safe with a solo pic.Do: Take chances Does your date seem slightly boring than he did on text? While online dating can seem superficial — as you swipe right through profiles of gorgeous men with pectoral muscles and PHDs, you might need to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Maybe the one is a grungy musician who lives with his parents, is the one you’ll click with.Don’t: Ask for a picture if you don’t have one If you do, you are a certified A-level douchebag.According to The Independent, two Reddit users asked men and women to list the red flags they've seen on dating profiles.

These are the nine mistakes people make while writing about themselves in a dating app bio: The blank profile You've already gone to the effort of creating a profile, typing your name and age, maybe you even uploaded one pic. Bathroom Selfies Firstly, that flash is obscuring the torso/chest/face you're obviously desperate to show off.It just takes a little strategy and a little cleverness.

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