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24-Jul-2016 14:57

Keep in mind that if neither of you lives in California, the court may not be able to make orders about other issues like property and debt, partner support, or your children.

If this is your situation, talk to a lawyer with experience in same-sex marriage laws. If your domestic partnership is registered in California, you have automatically agreed to the jurisdiction of the California courts to end your domestic partnerships — even if you move away or have never lived in California.

This makes an annulment case very different from a divorce or a legal separation.

“Irreconcilable differences” are not a reason for getting an annulment.

To get a legal separation, you follow the same basic process used for a divorce.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that a straying spouse will get off scot-free, however.

The divorce process will take at least 6 months from the date the person filing for divorce officially lets his or her spouse or domestic partner know about the divorce. You will be able to get all your paperwork turned in to the court and your divorce judgment approved, but the divorce itself will not be final until at least 6 months after starting the case.

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