Dating english silverware

29-May-2017 00:05

Its a very FRENCH scent thanks to the nice "sweat" smell this juice projects because of the spices... I give this one 10/10 Age group: 25 and up Versatility : Smart casual and suit and tie...Its a very complex bouquet that i love with a passion. Good in the winter, spring , fall and summer nights !!

There really is a lot going on here but the dominant notes here are the ethnic spices, this reminds me of walking through a crowded street in Mumbai.

The Indian food phenomena people talk about, I have unfortunately experienced on occasion.

Originality: 4 out of 5 – It’s very original as far I’ve tested.

It opens up very citrusy but has the hot skin effect from the spices aka the want to snuggle up to you effect the dry down you don't lose the Orange but it gives way to caraway cardamon the smoky manly birch we get fresh vetiver pepper and iris that smells like a crisp 0 bill well played Cartier.

At its base is cedar and a very fresh shower vibe women seem to love maybe that's the tea?

It's constructed well, and it's definitely unique but it's not for me.