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You have to look pretty hard to find a really good 78.

If you own one and you love it, good for you-you found a good one. who owned Gibson from 1969 to 1986 was to print money.

A dot neck plays and sounds no better than a block but commands a premium. It didn’t end because the quality went down the tubes.

Call 2 or email me at [email protected] end of the Golden Era-the Gibson executives decide on what changes will make the 335 (or in this case, the 345) more competitive with the rival Fender line. Most of us will acknowledge that the most desirable 335’s are 58 and 59 dot necks.Mickey Mouse ear cutaways are no better than the pointy ones from late 63 on but they command a premium. It ended, in part, because the current demand is for wide nut guitars and Gibson, in it’s wisdom, blinked and followed Fenders lead for a “faster” neck.