Dating friend sex

24-Aug-2017 13:52

You both fidget awkwardly when you go out with your madly-in-love, newly-married friends.

Watching them grope each other under the dinner table just highlights the utter lack of PDA between you.

If you do it well, your reward is good sex, on the regs, with no long-term strings attached. Here's the good news, you CAN date and still have a friend with benefits.

There are just a handful of rules you've got to keep in mind.1.

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This is what separates the "just friends" from the "eh, we're just friends for now." At least once, you've had a few drinks, gazed longingly into each other's eyes, and went at it. You might not realize it consciously, but you'd rather be texting them exciting news than your own SO ... This one sounds cute, but in reality, it's probably not too healthy.

When it comes to all personal relationships I'm a huge proponent of the Campsite Rule as coined by the wonderful Dan Savage: Leave your partner in a better state than they were when you found them.