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22-Jan-2017 03:17

You may even start to wonder if you are “Queen of the Friend Zone”, especially when you meet a string of men who just don’t seem romantically interested in you.

While there’s no hard and fast rules to making one specific man fall for you, there could be a few reasons why a woman is often overlooked as a romantic potential.

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From fashion to hair to makeup to exercise, there are many ways you can explore to make yourself look more attractive to the opposite gender.

Men like women who are quietly self-assured and confident, as they enjoy the chase.

They like the thrill of winning a woman over, so a woman who acts as though she’ll be easily won over will seem less attractive.

Ladies can do the same without appearing like they try too hard.

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Otherwise, they may just think that you’re being “friendly” or “standoffish”.If you have only dated a certain kind of men and the relationships did not always work out – maybe it’s time for you to realize that this pattern is not healthy.

She recently said in a relationship she is looking for several things: What about romance and spontaneity?… continue reading »

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