Dating horseshoes

23-Feb-2017 12:32

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Another test is steel makes lots of hot sparks when it's ground on, but wrought iron would be not as many very dull red grinder sparks.Whether the shoe has a crease for the nail heads, or punched holes for the nail head to fit in, or if it's corrective, or if it was used on a driving horse or saddle horse, none of that will do anything as far as dating. If it is a very large horse shoe, then it would be off of a draught animal, and you could possibley date it by finding out when they stopped farming the field with horses, which might be as late as the 1940's, or as early as yesterday if you are in Amish country. could you post a photo with a ruler along side so I could get an idea of the size?The game became a family sport that was enjoyed by men, women, boys and girls.There is some evidence that the first horseshoe club was founded in Pennsylvania in 1899.

Maybe they could at least direct you to someone with better expertise.During the Revolutionary war, US soldiers evidently played horseshoes causing the Duke of Wellington to write, “the war was won by the pitchers of horse hardware.” Union soldiers pitched mule shoes in Civil War camps.From the Military Camp to the Back Yard Soldiers took the game home with them after the wars and horseshoe courts sprang up in communities across the US and Canada.A game of quoits consists of attempting to throw the disk over a hob or pin embedded in soft clay.

Some historians speculate that Roman officers played quoits while their underlings improvised by pitching horseshoes. Soldiers began by pitching horseshoes and someone began forming the shoes into rings.The history of horseshoe pitching can be traced back to Roman soldiers.