Dating ladybird books

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If your book has a dust wrapper this will be located on the rear flap.For later books with pictorial boards, this number can usually be found on the rear board.During the period of transition to decimalisation, some books also displayed the price of 12½ pence. Most books between 19 seemed to be priced at 15 pence. Between 19 the price appears to have increased to 18 pence.Then, from around 1974 until 1976 the standard price seems to have increased again, this time to 24 pence. It has to be said, the price of the book is not an accurate way to date a Ladybird book!You will have much more enthusiasm for the job, and it makes our work as book sellers far more enjoyable when we see the books going to a good home!Also, decide on your budget before you start collecting.Although there are several theories regarding the third digit from the series number, no conclusive information has been given by Ladybird!Between 19 some Ladybird books have what is known as a Tally number printed on them.

As a budding collector, always collect books that you and your family will love, possibly a series that you remember from your own nursery bookshelf!The tally number is an indication of the number of different Ladybird titles published so far. Compare your books tally number with the following tally table: 100-1963 160-1966 220-1968 260-1969 320-1973 370-1974 120-1965 170-1966 225-1968 270-1970 330-1973 135-1965 190-1967 230-1969 280-1970 340-1973 140-1965 200-1967 240-1969 290-1971 350-1974 150-1966 210-1968 250-1969 300-1972 360-1974 Ladybird books were designed to be affordable to the masses.Hence the price of the book remained at 2'6 from the very first book published in 1940 right up until decimalisation was bought in during 1971.One of theses series, 606, was split into a further 7 sections.

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Without question, there most successful series of this era was 606D (Well Loved Tales).Most Ladybird books published prior to 1955 were produced with 56 pages, rather than the later standard 52 pages.