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11-Feb-2017 22:09

I start the car immediately and drive fast towards Ruiru because the last thing I want is for him to ask me to take him home to my wife and kids.

Me: I asked if you’re a soldier because I wanted to know what I’d be dealing with if you posed a threat to my life. Him: Why do you think I’d pose a danger to your life?

Me: (Laughing uncomfortably) I guess I’m just a normal guy. I am driving at 140km/h now and we’re just approaching Roysambu. I am beginning to get my first rush of fear though try hard not to show it.

That means you will travel to Ruiru and use the Eastern Bypass.

Him: Gravity existed before Newton noticed that apples don’t fly around in the air when they are thrown up but they come hurtling down to the ground. Then comes a white guy who sees it and says; drumroll; “There lies a huge mountain that the natives don’t give a shit about. And that’s OK because you have lived an entire lifetime. The moment I step off the car, I’m hit by such a strong stench that I instinctively fall back.

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I have never really been to Githurai though I have driven past a couple of times.

Whereas his voice is authoritative and somewhat intimidating, his frame is a bit small considering he looks thirty. Him: Last I checked (He opens the door and climbs in swiftly). I have ferried thousands of passengers in my car, but I have never carried one without a clear destination in mind.

"Marriage is not a priority, but right now I think we are happy the way we are and we can probably wait for another year or two for it.… continue reading »

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