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Kashmiri cuisine, meanwhile, is marked by the ample use of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and saffron, which is native to the region.– a collection of white cumin, mustard, fennel and fenugreek seeds - is almost sacrosanct.Sweets - the biggest culinary export of eastern India - are mostly made using milk and dairy products.Exotic vegetables such as , the citrusy fragrance of lime and lemon and the sweet smell of native rice species make Assamese dishes taste quite distinct from its neighbours’.The app tries to filter out the noise, while also building in an element of security, while staying focussed on being a dating app.

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The Afghani influences grow stronger as one approaches the Bhopal region and find their peak in the Mughlai cuisine of the northern plains.

Moreover, it brands itself as an out and out "matchmaking app", as distinct from those for casual dating.

Vee, another dating app popular among people who prefer heightened security measures, has amassed over 1,00,000 users. “ Vee is not your typical hookup app like Tinder or boring matrimony Shaadi type app and focuses the most on enabling trust based relationships,” it says in the description.

It continuously organises events ranging from dance evenings, wine tasting to good old barbecue eat-ups which, it claims, often end up in getting people together.

The service, however, is paid and ranges from Rs 1,250-2,500 per month.

Turning south, one can catch the aroma of a variety of spices.