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With the color photos, it is easy to get a better understanding of all the disparate Rickenbacker basses.I suspect this book will convert many previous "non-believers" who were only familiar with the 4001.(I kept the other bass I owned - a Kramer 4000 aluminum neck bass because I preferred its tone. Looking back I wish I still had both.) Every page of this book makes me sick with regret.Thanks for the read - now put this book in your shopping cart.I don't know of any other place where all this info is so conveniently available.I really wish there were production numbers/quantities shared - (how rare are 4005's? ) but if RIC doesn't make that info available, there's only so much the author can do to provide it.Highly recommended to any and all musical instrument lovers, collectors, players, etc. If you're a Rick fan at all, I can't imagine not loving this book. Really nice both for the beautiful pix, details on the evolution on the various models and sidelines on specific high profile instruments.

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Specials and custom one-offs are included, as well as a timeline, and photographs highlighting most, if not all, colors that were available on these basses.

- Chapter with color pics of the standard and special finishes available on all models.5.

- Chapter on Customs, Mods, and One-offs.6 - The final page of the book has a picture of the author standing next to Rick James gravestone (with photo engraving of James with his Rickenbacker 4001). This book makes me sick......because, while in college in 1986 I sold my 70s 4001 Azureglo (blue) to a music store in Charleston, IL, since I wasn't playing at the time and wanted (not NEEDED) the money.

A reference I will keep for eternity, or, until I come across that elusive 1957 4000, or until my 1977 Walnut 4001 Serial QJ4446 re-appears, but even after that happens, I'll still keep this book - It is one that you will read through and through & still reference for many years, A job very, very well done by author Paul D. I received it yesterday (6/26/13) - so I haven't read the text completely, yet.

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I gave this product a five star rating having not read it completely for the following reasons:1 - Full color pics on every page.2.- comprehensive - I believe every Rick bass (an variations) are represented since their first model.3.

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