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15-Jul-2017 14:48

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It’s unfortunate how skinny men get pitied for dating plus-size girls, with the sex life of such a duo being put to questions.It’s common to hear nosy individuals scoff: “How do they even do ‘it’ (was there a shortage of fit women when he was picking the big girl)?Tales have, for instance, been told of boyfriends who have ditched their girlfriends after they put on weight.We have also heard of husbands who, despite having taken the famous ‘through thick and thin’ vows to stick by their spouses, start finding them less attractive and begin cheating on them the moment they gain weight.He eloped with, of course, a smaller woman,” agonises Joy, with renewed anger written all over her face.

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Interestingly, Crazy Monday has observed that a good number of Kenyan women are overweight, especially the married ones who live in urban areas, and particularly Nairobi.One of the people we spoke to while preparing this report said, besides it being a side effect of some of the birth-control contraceptives they use, many women grow fat after getting married because their husbands take good care of them!