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29-May-2017 11:03

That post only confirms the opinions of Dr Laura's supporters that her enemies are on the lunatic fringe.BTW, I suggested this story to santabarbarasblog on Saturday but they canned it.“[W]hen he calls me the rare times he can, you know, make a call, I am up and supportive and I listen to him,” she explained as an example of how she interacts with him. To those Utahns who regularly read , I am sure you understand how fair and detailed La Plante is in his reporting.”) On the O’Reilly program, Dr.Laura was more cordial to La Plante, explaining, “I got to give him some points, because after my blog came out he has been a gentleman about it.The announcement about her break followed on Sunday, though it remains unclear whether the two situations are related. La Plante wrote a story published last Monday, May 14, that quoted Dr.Laura as saying before a Utah appearance, “He could come back without arms, legs or eyeballs, and you’re bitching?

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It demoralizes them, and that puts them more in harm’s way.” See the full interview here. Laura was miffed because her comments were construed more as an attack on families than as advice to not express dismay to the “warriors” fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, where her son is stationed in Kandahar. News program because, as he wrote on his blog, “I just don’t think I can scream loud enough.” In La Plante’s absence, O’Reilly informed Dr. He took risks equal to many troops in the theater and has the helmet and body armor to prove it.

Then she went on News’ Bill O’Reilly show to clarify the comments.

In that interview, she explained, “Well, that’s a correct quote, but it’s out of context.

You’re not dodging bullets, so I don’t want to hear any whining - that’s my message to them.” The story led to a number of angry emails to the talk show host from military families.

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also put their “Reader Advocate” on the story, who produced this report that said the complaints from readers reeked of a campaign launched by Dr.That only proves to me that that blog is a News Press front.

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