Dating the writing of the gospels

27-Sep-2016 12:07

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According to the declaration of the Second Vatican Council, a faithful account of the actions and words of Jesus is to be found in the Gospels; but it is impossible to reconcile this with the existence in the text of contradictions, improbabilities, things which are materially impossible or statements which run contrary to firmly established reality.If, on the other hand, one chooses to regard the Gospels as expressing the personal point of view of those who collected the oral traditions that belonged to various communities, or as writings suited to an occasion or combat-writings, it does not come as a surprise to find faults in the Gospels.Following many others, this commentator goes out of his way to present the authors of the Gospels as the apostles or the companions of Jesus. D., Christians have always been used to seeing him depicted as being very near to Jesus on ceremonial occasions.For this reason he suggests dates of writing that place them very near to the time Jesus lived. It is very difficult however to assert that he is the author of the Gospel that bears his name. Tricot, as for other commentators, the Apostle John (like Matthew) was the officially qualified witness of the facts he recounts, although the majority of critics do not support the hypothesis which says he wrote the fourth Gospel., says of this that the evangelists were only the "spokesmen of the early Christian community which wrote down the oral tradition.At all times and in all places the Church has maintained and still maintains the apostolic origin of the four Gospels. The sacred authors therefore composed the four Gospels in such a way as to always give us true and frank information on the life of Jesus".What the apostles actually preached on Christ's orders, both they and the men in their following subsequently transmitted, with the divine inspiration of the Spirit, in writings which are the foundation of the faith, i.e. The Gospels "are not to be taken literally" they are "writings suited to an occasion" or "combat writings".

They therefore present stories about the life of Jesus from a completely different angle than their adversaries.The Gospels did not form a complete whole 'very early on'; it did not happen until more than a century after the end of Jesus's mission.