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It has been the most profitable column ever handled by the King Features Syndicate.Heloise’s daughter is a woman close to Frazier’s age who shares some of his generation’s influences. Instead, Frazier presents mundane, personalized accounts of a town in Kansas celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of a local Indian massacre, an expert fly fisherman who ran a tackle shop in midtown Manhattan for many years, and syndicated household-hints columnist Heloise, both the original, a military wife, and the daughter, an upscale Texan who has written the column since her mother’s death.All are top-heavy with accounts of the writer’s automobile journeys and descriptions of nondescript motel rooms, and burdened by Frazier’s annoying penchant for page-long lists of unenlightening details.Competing for Frazier’s attention with the places he describes are the unusual people he meets.He provides his reader with all the particulars necessary to form a full and vivid portrait of a person; he notes physical appearance, clothing choices, vocal inflections, word selections, and even facial expressions and physical gestures. Nothing seems left out of their descriptions: The vital, the trivial, the everyday, and the unique details all merge to form memorable encounters with these persons.escriptions of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota usually emphasize that it is the poorest place in the United States, but Ian Frazier found something else there during the time he spent researching On the Rez.

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Even more vital and exciting than the fishing equipment Deren sells, however, is the advice he gives.“Komar and Melamid” is a hilarious and touching profile of the two expatriate Soviet satirical artists.Their own fractured-English accounts of maintaining creative integrity in both the Soviet Union and the capitalist West are simultaneously appalling and inspiring.He also blends, in unusual imagery and unique metaphors, his urban and his rural experiences.

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His are the views of a modern city dweller who also deeply appreciates time spent in the wilderness.

Frazier is always predominantly a member of his generation, one who lives comfortably with rock music and fast food and who can relate well to most living creatures.