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One day, I was reading one of the memoirs in the bathtub."I want to be a good mom and I want to love God as much as you do." That meant so much to me.She thought it was something teenagers said because it was "hip." I was relieved—it was what I wanted to hear.I use the pronoun Back then, though, he seemed to be a tomboyish girl.He played paintball and basketball, and loved to build with his dad.I'd beg him to take Kyle out to dinner and tell him how miserable he was making me.By age 16, Kyle's relationship with his girlfriend had run its course, and things grew quiet for a while.

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We'd be at dinner, and suddenly Kyle would say, "Mom, you know you've got to accept that I'm gay." He was never disrespectful, but I was so upset, sometimes I could hardly even look at him.I mostly found memoirs written by people who felt comfortable being gay and Christian, which ran counter to my beliefs.Instead of asking God to change your child, the author suggested, why don't you ask Him to change your heart?On special occasions I could get him into dresses, but it was always a fight—they were, he said, itchy.

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I didn't think twice about it, because that was exactly how I was at his age.

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